The war is raging, do you run or do you fight?

Eberdeen is surrounded by undead, orc, and giant forces. The walls are under siege and small forces break in daily. Inside the city, magic keeps it safe. Illshanafiir protects us as a celestial guardian and god-king. But can that be enough?

A great tower is being built in the center of the city, next to the temple and palace. What is its purpose? While everyone has a theory, no one official is saying definitively what it will do. To build a great tower now, while the walls are attacked, seems ludicrous unless it is some great weapon or defense.

You are part of a small group of special operatives. You will go out of the city through hidden portals and deal damage where it can be done or find supplies or weapons that are needed inside. Your skills will be needed for the survival of the city. The other party members are part of your group. You have been newly drafted and put together for based on your skills.